Features That Make a Good Website

In this digital era, companies or individuals who want their websites to stand out must make sure that there is a good presentation. The website should have all the features that will make someone who is visiting want to keep coming back. One of the most asked questions by people who are creating websites always revolve around the topic of what makes a good website.

Features of a Good Website

  • User friendly:

This revolves around how easy it is for the users to find the content that they are looking for. The website should have subtopics that are clearly labelled so that the users do not waste a lot of trying to figure out where to find the content they are looking for. It should also have a search button that directs them to items within the website. The design should also be appealing in a way that the font is easy to read, there is proper contrast in the website, and the items are not jumbled up.

  • Mobile friendly:

There are more than five billion people from all over the world who use smartphones. People who are thinking of creating websites should bear this in mind and create website designs that can be accessed on the phone. This increases traffic and boosts the brand name of the website. Research indicates that more than 60% of online users access websites through their phones. Search engines such as Google prioritise mobile-friendly sites and push them higher in the search engine optimisation.

  • Fast load time:

There are millions of website on the world wide web, and nobody wants to spend too much time on one website waiting for it to load. If it takes more than six seconds for a site to load, then the users will simply jump to the next one. The average time that a website should take to load should be less than five seconds when the internet is steady. Anything more than that means that there is something that is not working right.

  • Use of multimedia:

A good website is one that combines different forms of media to communicate. They should have clear photos and videos that have been compressed and are fit for the web so that they do not affect the load time. They should also have clear and concise text that communicates the message in a way that people across different demographics can understand.

  • Relevant content

Before setting up a website, the issues that need to be addressed include the type of message one aims to deliver, the way the message will be packaged, and the general mandate of the website. This content should be relevant, and the website should constantly be updated so that visitors at the site feel like they are getting value whenever they visit.

For people who are thinking of creating websites but are unsure of how to go about it, it is advisable to get the opinion and guidance of consultants and web developers. They will be able to give tips and views on how to create a good website.