Welcome to zendy.net, a site that offers a guide on how to build the perfect website. The days when a website was made of nothing but winding texts and a few photos are long gone. With the billions of sites available, web creators have to go an extra mile to give the users the best. The challenge comes in establishing what makes a website better than the others. This site offers solutions by delving into different topics around creating great websites.

What Makes a Great Website

Many people define a great website as one that feels comfortable to navigate, and one does not spend a lot of time trying to figure out where the content they want can be found. Our site goes into the in-depth definition of what makes a good website. We provide a list of what some of the most popular websites have put in place to have users keep coming back.

Why It Matters to Have a Great Website

Whether one is setting up a website for business or individual use, it is important to have a good website. Here, you will find a lot of thought-provoking content on why a great website matters, including why some websites have never got traction since they were created. We give details on the difference between a professionally done site and one that is not professional.

Hiring the Right Website Designer

For people who have never had a website before, the option of hiring a website designer works best. The challenge is always on choosing the best among the many options that are available. We have a comprehensive guide about how to go about hiring the right designer.

People who are looking for ideas on how to create a great website will find our site to be a one-stop place to get the right information.